Borderlands 2 Conference Call

The Borderlands 2 conference call is a gun in the sequel game to the hit video game – Borderland from Gearbox Software. It’s unique approach, which combines role-playing and first person shooting, resulted in millions of fans from all over the world. One of the most interesting parts of Borderlands 2 is the guns. In this article, were are going to cover the gun known as the Borderlands 2 Conference Call in detail.


Borderlands 2 Conferencce Call


The Conference Call in Borderlands 2 is one of the most sought-after guns in the game. One big reason for this is because of its Legendary status. It’s a gun that is manufactured by the Hyperion.


Contrary to popular belief, the Conference Call actually drops from any loot source that is deemed suitable. The only problem is that it’s drop rate are abysmally low. This is the reason why most are farming The Warrior, which is found in the Vault Of The Warrior, because it has a slightly increased drop rate compared to other sources.


While The Warriors may be the preferred farming choice, the Handsome Sorcerer, which is located in the Dragon Keep, also has an increased drop rate for the Conference Call.


Special Weapon Effects


As Conference Call is a shotgun, its effectiveness is maximized in close quarters. Once the trigger is pulled, the Conference Call fires 5 projectiles. Each of the projectiles further disintegrates to more projectile one impact, or if the projectile reaches a certain distance.


The magazine of the Conference Call can be upgraded carry more ammo, at a cost of decreased accuracy.


What You Can Expect From The Conference Call


When you evaluate the Conference Call from a statistic standpoint, it’s really not that different from the Thinking shotgun, which is just a purple-rarity gun. The slight difference is that the Thinking shotgun has a bit lower accuracy rate of 5% when compared to the Conference Call; although the Thinking shotgun can fire an extra one round than the Conference Call on a single-magazine basis.


However, that is not the overall picture. It’s the Conference Call’s special effect that sets it apart from other shotguns. The Conference Call’s projectile periodically spawns more projectiles as it travels. Sometimes, a single projectile can spawn up to 4 projectiles in total.


The spawned projectiles shoot in a direction that is horizontally perpendicular to the original projectile. The two spawned projects also fly opposite from each other.


This is the reason why the Conference Call is able to deal higher amounts of damage to most targets, and even more damage to larger targets (e.g. Terramorphous the Invincible or The Warrior). The Conference Call is also able to bypass shields like the ones that are carried by the Nomad Torturers.


The Conference Call’s damage can be increased substantially by obtaining the “Practicable” prefix; and also with the associated extra pellet count, which increases its total projectile count from the standard of 5 to 7.


Bottom Line


The Conference Call is one of the best guns in the game. Arguably, it’s the best shotgun in Borderlands 2. The drop rate is expected to be very low as it’s a legendary gun. It’s commonly farmed by killing The Warrior. The Conference Call is prized for its special effects; a gun that fires projectiles that have the ability to spawn more projectiles. It’s definitely a gun that is worth having.

Proper Conference Call Etiquette

Etiquette for Conference Calls


Conference call etiquette is very important to the success of any meeting held over the phone. Good manners during such a meeting ensure that the agenda is tackled fully, all members take part and the meeting is concluded in time. Here are a few tips to bear in mind when attending a conference call meeting.

Conference Call Etiquette


Stay in a silent place


Background noise can distract all members on the other side of the line. It is best to choose a place that is quiet so you can hear and be heard better. Shut down any music and reduce the movements in the area if you can. If you are unable to get to a silent place in time for the conference do not be rude. Apologise before anyone asks and give a brief reason why you could not make it to a quiet place.


Be on time


Just like a physical meeting, calling in late for a conference call is very annoying to other participants. You will also miss out on what is shared before you join in the conversation. The best you can do is note the date and time when the conference meeting is to be held and not forget it. Call in a few minutes before the set time. It is better to wait for others than be the one everyone will be waiting for.

Mute the call when you are done giving your contribution


There is a reason why there is a mute button on your phone. It is meant to help you listen better. After you are done talking, mute the call so the background noise does not distract the other members of the conference call. Even if you are in a quiet place like the office mute the call in case some sudden noise is made.


Always introduce yourself


Before you contribute to the discussion, state your name clearly. This will help others understand the context of your contribution. If the other people in the call come from organisations different from yours and do not know you state more than your name. State your company, location and role after stating your name. In some instances, another member may introduce you. After the introduction, greet the others so they note what your voice sounds like.


Prepare what to say beforehand and say it loudly and clearly


The conference leader will send the agenda of the meeting in advance. Once you receive it, prepare in advance and stick to the agenda. Arrange your notes well such that they are within reach and you can refer to them when the time comes. When you start talking be loud so everyone can hear you and also be brief and to the point so as to save time.


Pay attention


The other people in the conference cannot see you. You may therefore be tempted to do things other than listen to the call. From social media to co-workers to pending work, there are very many distractions. Good conference call etiquette however requires you to be disciplined and pay attention. You may be caught off-guard by a comment or question addressed to you and you will have nothing to respond. Pay attention just like you would in a physical meeting.

Technology Advancements That Shorten The Drug Withdrawal Rehab Timeline

Quitting drug addiction is an uphill task to every addicted individual. To fully quite drug addiction, one needs a will of steel, great dedication and determination, the drug rehab timeline can be long and difficult if the user has been abusing drugs for a long period or if the amount of drugs being used was excessive. This effort to come off drugs can sometimes be thwarted by the really severe effects of drug withdrawal symptoms. This of course does not take into account the fact that there is a timeline for drug rehabs, and by the time your period is over, a person needs to have made good progress in quitting.


Drug rehab timeline


There are certain technological advancements which help alleviate withdrawal symptoms in drug addicts. These technologies are continually being improved so as to come up with better, more suitable ways to curb the drug menace. Some of these technologies are:


Medical Detoxification


This is one of the more common methods to reduce the timeline and effects of drug addiction withdrawal. It entails safely but systematically withdrawing a person from the drug which they are addicted to. This process is closely monitored by a physician.


The process of medical detox involves two kinds of treatment; immediate body effects of drug withdrawal and body cleansing from drug and alcohol effects. This method has proven to be highly effective over the years and more rehab physicians are adopting it. One great advantage about this method is the fact that it can be used for both inpatients and outpatients.


This means that even though there are strict timelines for drug rehab inpatients, they can still follow the regimen when they are outpatients. This technology is also less disruptive than most other technologies.


Prescribed Drugs


There are instances whereby medical detox is not possible, this brings into play another great technological method used by physicians; the use of prescription drugs. Now, this may sound like a counter-measure because it is use of drugs to counter drugs, but it has proved effective for drug addicts who were willing and cooperative. Drugs like methadone, naltrexone and buprenorphine are commonly used for this process. Mood enhancers and antidepressants are also used here.


The prescription drugs work by suppressing the adverse effects of withdrawal symptoms as well as the urge to continue with the abuse. Inasmuch as this is a great method, it has one downside; the fact that the consultant of physician has little to no way of knowing whether or not the patient has been following the dosage to the latter. A consultant can curb this by testing the patient every time the patient visits, but then the opioids wear off from the body after a really shot while.


Neurological Science technology


There is a new technological device which works with the human neurological system to greatly alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with drug withdrawal symptoms. The device was created by Indiana company innovative health solutions. It is attached to the ear and the pioneers of this device assert that it can activate the right nerves to reduce the pain that a patients experiences. It was developed as an attempt to curb the heroin effect pandemic that has spread in the United States and even globally. This method has been said to even have effective long term effects for drug and alcohol addicted patients.


Drug addiction is a problem that needs an immediate solution if people’s lives are going to be improved. Medical researchers and software developers are working round the clock to find out ways in which timelines for drug rehabs can be greatly reduced. So far, technological advancements that shorten drug withdrawal symptoms are working and improving by the day