Tips On Muscle Building
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Getting Started
Is this your first time in a long while getting back to the gym my friend? If so, then let me help you out. After a long while of not being used to lift weights and not being exercised enough, and by long, I mean about two weeks, our muscles find out that they’re not really needed to be as big and appealing as they should be so they shrink, medically its called muscle atrophy. The body will now stop making these proteins that are responsible for making it big and use it for just the basic maintenance energy utilization of the body which is another term for just enough to keep the engines running. This energy gets turned into fat. Sadly, this usually takes about 1 month to get the burn started so you can get back to your Greek looking body. So how do we get back into shape? The first thing to do is to take it slow. It’s time to remind your muscles that they are needed once again to lift weights, get bigger and look good while doing it. But this process should not be rushed, nor done with less effort as to render the entire exercise fruitless. We have to find the perfect balance and diet to ensure we get back to that lovely physique. A slow jog for about 30 minutes should get the aerobic metabolism started. Once that’s finished the body switches to fat for sustenance. Keep this up for another 30 or 40 minutes and be sure too cool down at the end of the exercise by doing some stretches for 10 minutes. You can do these exercises 3 times in a week so you can condition your body to get in shape for the real heavy lifting.  

Pumped up Now that your body is pumped up, let’s first get started with the diet. It’s been said that abs are made in the kitchen and this couldn’t be truer. A low carbohydrate, high protein, high fat diet is advocated in most programs. The reason for this is that the body uses carbohydrates to maintain the blood glucose for normal brain functioning and is also used to be converted into fat. The proteins and fats however are a different story. The body actually uses more energy to convert the proteins and fats into carbohydrates through a process known as gluconeogenesis, which is a fancy medical term for turning unwanted fat and protein into much needed glucose, but don’t worry, it’s the fat that gets burned first. You overdo you exercise and the protein i.e. your muscles go as well. You can also try various other diets but the safest one would be this as this actually has a medical basis in Harpers’ Biochemistry book for Medicine.

Do you even lift?
With a well-nourished and well-conditioned body, now is the time for you to conduct resistance exercises. That is, power lifting. Start first with the ones you can lift for about 20 times in 3 repetitions. Cool down also after every exercise with a quick drink of cold water to speed up your metabolism. Once you feel strong enough, you may now move on to the next half of the exercise by lifting heavier weights this time something you can lift with only 15 times in 3 repetitions. This also applies to the other muscle groups. Take care not to strain yourself. And remember, take it slow, its not race, unless your joining a competition that is. You can also choose from a selection of the best steroids for muscle building. This will add to your weight lifting and your new improved diet. If you try all these 3 together you it will be a good start to a new musle training program.